i’ve been doing so much better about snapping shots of my own kids, i just haven’t been very good about blogging them!  but if you follow me on my Facebook page i’ve been pretty good about posting shots there if you want to keep up with my recent work.

anyways, today i decided on a whim to take some diaper shots of jack in our bed.  it’s something i’ve been wanting to do for awhile now + have just never gotten around to doing it.  these are far from ‘technically’ perfect but as a mom, i love them so much because they completely show jack’s fun + carefree personality.  so here’s about 5 minutes worth of jack from today, for your viewing pleasure!   IMG_6386web Untitled-2 IMG_6379web IMG_6416web IMG_6421web Untitled-3 IMG_6432web Untitled-4 IMG_6409web IMG_6437web


if you saw my blog post yesterday about matilda jane’s new paint by numbers collection + you’re still on the fence about their clothes, i wanted to show you just how versatile (and gorgeous!) their products really are!

a few days ago i found a new spot that i thought would work great for photos…lots of trees, overgrown grass, perfect spot for pretty golden backlighting.  so of course i got the kids dressed up + took them out.  i mentioned in my previous blog post how lucky i am to receive hand-me-downs from my BFF + partner-in-crime courtney keim….when her daughter lily outgrows her matilda jane clothes, courtney ships them down here to me for my lauren.  but you know what?  katelyn gets use out of some of the items, too!  the dresses work perfectly as tops, which you see katelyn wearing here paired with her gap skinny jeans.  lauren is wearing a puffer tee + knot top dress from older collections.  all of these items have been worn time + time again, not only by my girls but courtney’s daughter as well….and look how great they still look?!  and their designs never go out of style.  my girls just love their MJ clothes because not only are they pretty but they are comfortable to wear, too. IMG_6196web Untitled-2 IMG_6212web IMG_6278web IMG_6299web IMG_6340web


looking for that perfect outfit for your daughter for your upcoming photo session?  perhaps something whimsical, colorful + fun?  be sure to check out matilda jane clothing!  their designs are playful + youthful + their whimsical textures, patterns + colors photograph perfectly, making them one of my favorite clothing companies to refer to clients.  i am so impressed with the quality, something that is hard to come by nowadays.  their clothes last for years, so i am able to hand down clothes from my oldest to my youngest daughter….and i’m lucky enough to receive the hand-me-downs from my BFF courtney, too! lol

matilda jane recently launched their paint by numbers collection.  be sure to check it out!  some of my favorites are the atmosphere dressbutternut tank dress, cleo lap dress, kentucky blue pearl dress, foldstone sara top, jester red shasta bubble top, mellow tee, parsnip charmer tee, peacock cookie tank, reflection puffer tee, almond opals ruffles, mercury opals…..just to name a few.  haha

here is my lauren wearing the sky view puffer tee with the turtledove knot top + gleam leggings. IMG_5524web IMG_5556web IMG_5405web Untitled-1 IMG_5444web IMG_5473web IMG_5520web IMG_5495web IMG_5490web IMG_5500web